Shoshone Propane, Nevada, California


Step 1: Contact Shoshone Propane

To start the Shoshone Propane new customer sign up process
click here for our online sign-up form, or give us a call at:

775-727-9622     or      1-800-354-FUEL (3835)

During the initial call, a friendly Shoshone Propane representative will help select your service, and let you know about our latest specials.

Step 2: Determine Your Propane Service Needs

Shoshone Propane services vary; here are some general guidelines:

Already have a tank?

If you already have an Shoshone Propane tank, we'll schedule you an appointment to perform a system safety check and activate your new propane service. Your first Shoshone Propane delivery will follow shortly.

Switching propane suppliers?

If you're switching suppliers, we'll schedule an appointment to install a Shoshone Propane tank at your location, conduct a system safety check and activate your new propane service. Your first Shoshone Propane delivery will follow shortly after that.

Switching energy sources?

If you're switching energy sources, we'll schedule a free site survey at your convenience. A Shoshone Propane expert will help you determine your propane needs and provide necessary information on how Shoshone Propane can meet your energy requirements more efficiently and affordably.

Building a new home, addition, or pool?

We’ll schedule a free site survey to determine the tank needs, location and other data, assuring new installation will be complete prior to moving day.

Do you own your own propane tank?

If you own the propane tank, we'll conduct a pre-fill safety inspection prior to making your first Shoshone Propane delivery.

Shoshone Propane experts are also available to come to your home and help determine your furnace, water heater, and/or propane appliance needs.

In many cases we can provide appliance installation services and appliances for purchase. We can also refer you to trusted local contractors and dealers for appliance purchases and installation of propane appliances.


Shoshone Propane proudly provides service to Southern Nevada and South West California. We deliver daily to Shoshone, CA, Pahrump, NV, and all outlying areas of Inyo County California, and Nye County Nevada.